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Discomfort Issue


We often go to great lengths avoid discomfort. At other times we go to equal lengths to “enjoy” it. Either way, discomfort, intentional and unintentional, is an important feature of architecture.

Water Issue


Spring 2020

Water is an essential component to life on earth. Many scientists believe that it is critical to life throughout the known universe.

Authenticity Issue


Winter 2019

For most of its history, architecture had no need to concern itself with authenticity. “Architecture” in the early days, consisted of buildings intended to convey a sense of importance.

Drawing Issue


Fall 2019

Some would say that architectural hand drawing has had its day. What’s the point of clinging to some paleolithic invention in the digital age? Why can’t we just let it go?



Summer 2019

Over the past few decades, a lot of research money has gone into understanding the psychological effects of colour, and how it can be used…

Home Issue


Spring 2019

We explore the meaning of home. It’s a powerful word, but one with a surprisingly pliable meaning.

Light and Shade Issue

Light & Shade

Winter 2018

The effect of light on buildings and in buildings has been an important architectural feature throughout history.

Wood Issue


Fall 2018

It’s somewhat surprising to witness the recent stunning increase in the use of wood in architecture.

Walking Issue


Summer 2018

Architecture is all about walking. With few exceptions, we experience architectural space at a walking pace and a walking scale, even if we are not fully mobile and require assistance in getting around.

Art and Architecture Issue

Art & Architecture

Spring 2018

Like many of you, I live in a city where there is scarcely a square metre of land that some architect, planner or designer hasn’t tampered with – sometimes with spectacular results, other times, not.

Why Aren't...

Why Aren't All Buildings Beautiful?

Winter 2017

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Probably not. We generally accept that, on this earth, there is beauty and ugliness, just as there is good and evil – the one extreme making the other extreme easier to identify.

Spaces Issue


Fall 2017

I was talking with one of our contributors about the idea of ‘special places’. She told me about a place in northern Finland, north of the Atlantic Circle, where she went skiing once.